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Stop using plastic straws or plastic tableware to save the ocean


Natural wheat pipette
Wheat straw is selected from natural high-quality wheat, through repeated rinsing and soaking, picking and cutting, high temperature sterilization, drying and other steps and made. In the processing process, most of our steps are done by hand to ensure the quality and quality of our straws.

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Regardless of how the new product packaging and use, through the choice of straw straw to meet the health and safety standards, in order to conform to the requirements of the actual use, at the same time, the straw on the effective development and utilization, therefore, no matter in the production and processing straw straw choose what equipment, equipment and the use of natural straw and straw material requirements are relatively strict standards, Different materials have been used in international situations, gradually withdrawing from the market, and the development and design of the stem has now become a substitute for straw straw of other materials.

Today, the use of straw straws in the field of diet is gradually promoting, the selection and use of the hot drink straw straw has certain actual requirements, and production and manufacturing process is different, in order to be able to effectively use straw straw at certain temperatures, can be used in the actual production and processing, so as not to affect the influence of the standards and requirements, Does not affect the temperature requirements of the beverage straw.

Now you can see, these products in use process has a variety of properties and advantages, not only can through the processing and production of the new technology to improve the use of straw straw, and the straw straw products can ensure that the actual application effect, in addition to meet the requirement of performance and practical application, and meet the requirements of practical application of health and environmental protection, The popularization and application of straw straw have achieved ideal results.


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Wheat straws can be used to drink juice, cola, cocktails, beer, coffee, tea, red wine, etc. Widely used in entertainment venues, such as bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, etc.




Erdong is a professional manufacturer of biodegradable straws & biodegradable disposable tableware with 10 years of production experience, covering an area of 5,000 square meters. Our goal is to provide products made from renewable resources that can increase sustainability goals and increase the diversion of organic materials from landfills.

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