• Brand: Erdong / OEM
  • Product material: Food paper
  • Type: Straight pipe
  • Custom processing: Yes
  • Can be customized: Yes
  • Can be sold: Worldwide
  • Regular size: 6*197mm, the size can be customized according to customer requirements.
  • Style: The style is novel and unique, available for selection.
  • Customization: Professional customization of various artwork, 3-7 days to complete the proofing.
  • Product application places: Bars, restaurants, tea bars and other entertainment and social places.
  • MOQ: 100000pcs
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    If you can choose not to use plastic straws or plastic tableware, you can help our beaches to be free from plastic garbage pollution and increase people's attention to protecting the marine ecosystem.


    Characteristics of paper straws
    1. Paper straws have good waterproof performance, bright colors, full texture and beautiful appearance, and can also be quickly degraded.
    2. Paper straws are generally disposable, and plastic straws are generally not used after they are used up, but paper straws will degrade after being buried in the ground for a period of time and will not pollute the environment.
    3. Paper straws are safe and do not have any smell, because they are processed from food environmentally friendly paper and printed with soybean oil ink. They can be recycled after use, and they can be degraded after being buried in the ground for a period of time.



     Benefits of using paper straws
    1. The more important point is to avoid being choked, especially children. However, if an adult is driving, the cup with a straw is also good and convenient.
    2. Drinking a drink with a straw will not wipe off the lipstick or lipstick on the mouth, nor will it stain the cup.
    3. Cola and juice contain acidic substances, such as citric acid and phosphoric acid, which can corrode tooth enamel, even if they do not contain sugar, drinking with a straw can prevent them from touching the teeth.

    Giant Paper Straws4
    Giant Paper Straws5


    Paper straw quality inspection
    1. Smell it: qualified paper tube products will not have a special smell. The paper tubes are produced with environmentally friendly and safe glue.
    2. Knock: Knock the paper tube with your hand to listen to whether the sound is crisp. When the sound is dull, the quality of the product is very problematic.
    3. Touch: The healthy and safe paper tube appears colorless and transparent in appearance, feels smooth to the touch, and the surface is like a layer of wax, while the color of the toxic woven bag is turbid, showing yellow, red, Different colors, such as black, also have a rougher hand feel. Consumers should pay more attention to this.
    4. Burn for a while: the non-toxic paper tube is colorless and transparent, feels smooth, and the surface is like a layer of wax, while the toxic woven bag is turbid in color, showing different colors such as yellow, red, and black. The feel is also rougher.


    6MM juice,milk,water and others
    8MM smoothie drink
    10MM pearl milk tea
    12MM boba milk tea


    We can produce paper straws of different colors, and can print your brand on the straws, paper bags or cartons.



    All biodegradable straws & disposable biodegradable tableware have been certified with FSC, FDA, CE, LFGB &CNAS.


    Erdong is a professional manufacturer of biodegradable straws & biodegradable disposable tableware with 10 years of production experience, covering an area of 5,000 square meters. Our goal is to provide products made from renewable resources that can increase sustainability goals and increase the diversion of organic materials from landfills.

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