• Brand: Erdong / OEM
  • Specification: 6X197MM
  • Material: Can be customized according to requirements
  • Advantages: Non-toxic, tasteless and pure natural
  • MOQ: 100000pcs
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    Stop using plastic straws or plastic tableware to save the ocean.


    Color striped paper straw characteristics
    1. The color of the paper packaging straw and the specifications and models of the straw can be customized by the customer.
    2. The products of this company use food-grade granular materials, without all industrial production granular materials or purchased materials, and absolutely no odor.
    3. The paper packaging straws are under the GMP standard management system, 12 processes are strictly inspected, and the packaging is carried out in the purification workshop. The product quality is continuously stable, and the environmental hygiene is affirmed. The national industry standard environmental protection regulations.
    4. Paper packaging straws are absolutely healthy, odorless and non-toxic. The branch pipes are made of (oblique mouth), and the thickened material is hard and solid.
    5. Paper packaging straws are easy and convenient to use, healthy and safe. Milk tea cup film, bean paste film, and fresh milk bag can all be pierced through.



    All our paper straws are made of sustainable FSC paper, and our straws are completely biodegradable. When they stay in nature, they will completely decompose. Our glue or ink is completely food grade, guaranteeing that all our straws are 100% plastic free.

    Jumbo Paper Straws-10
    Jumbo Paper Straws-11


    Scope of application of colored striped paper straws
    Beverage paper straws are used in hotel restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, juice shops, fast food restaurants, ice bars, beverage shops, cafes, dessert houses and a variety of fast-consuming venues. It can also be used for children’s breakfast at home, banquets, and at home. Receiving the inhalation of drinks, cost-effective, convenient and sanitary. The packaging design is exquisite, cost-effective, cheap, and fast delivery.
    1. Drinking water, beverages, milk tea, coffee, sand ice and other liquids can be used.
    2. It can also be used as decorations in cakes, PARTY, home furnishings, etc.
    3. It can be used as a splicing material for DIY toys.

    6MM juice,milk,water and others
    8MM smoothie drink
    10MM pearl milk tea
    12MM boba milk tea


    We can produce paper straws of different colors, and can print your brand on the straws, paper bags or cartons.

    Jumbo Paper Straws-196


    All biodegradable straws & disposable biodegradable tableware have been certified with FSC, FDA, CE, LFGB &CNAS. The biodegradable straws we produce include paper straws, wheat straws, reed straws, bamboo straws, rice straws etc. The biodegradable disposable tableware we produce include cups, cutlery, containers, round plates, square plates, bowls & lids, trays made from food grade kraft paper, sugarcane etc. which is an essential alternative for traditional plastic products, especially in the context of the global ban on plastics. At present, we have exported to Dollarama in Canada, 99 Cents Only Stores in United States, Lidl in Germany, , bm home stores in United Kingdom, , Disney in China, Jumbo in Netherlands, Daiso in Japan etc.


    Erdong is a professional manufacturer of biodegradable straws & biodegradable disposable tableware with 10 years of production experience, covering an area of 5,000 square meters. Our goal is to provide products made from renewable resources that can increase sustainability goals and increase the diversion of organic materials from landfills.

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